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At Sardis Family Dental Care, we understand the importance of a great smile.

In the past, good dental care often felt difficult–or even impossible–to achieve. Today, more people are working towards a healthier, better-looking smile than ever before!  With its small-town feel and dedicated staff, our clinic vows to give you the personalized attention you deserve. Our comprehensive list of services allows patients to begin their dental journey at any stage. Whether you are looking to teach your children the importance of healthy dental habits or working to revitalize your own dental goals, Sardis Family Dental Care can help. We look forward to working alongside our patients to show the world your best smile!

Do you, or someone you love, have a fear of the dentist?

No worries! Our dentist, Dr. Sammy Leigh Allen, takes care of those who struggle to open up and feel comfortable in a dental environment. Before putting on the white coat, Dr. Allen dealt with a dental phobia for most of her life. Since then, she has become especially dedicated to creating a comfortable environment designed to address patients' specific needs and leave everyone feeling at ease in the dental chair.

Our Dentists


Dr. Samantha Leigh Allen


A Mississippi native, Dr. Allen cares about the condition of dental health in the Magnolia state, specifically in areas with under-served populations. Dr. Allen looks forward to providing the citizens of Sardis with a warm and welcoming dental clinic.


Dr. Samantha Leigh Allen's experience in the dental world began in 2008, when she became a dental assistant on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. "Everyone deserves a chance to feel confident about their smile" said Dr. Allen, "I just wanted to play a small part in making a difference in how people greet the world." 


From there, Dr. Allen went on to receive her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where she chose to focus on those dealing with Dental Phobia, a condition she too experiences. About 36% of people in the U.S. have some sort of anxiety when facing dental treatment, and by providing sensitive care, Dr. Allen hopes to help the people of Sardis overcome this statistic.

With over 25 years of military experience in the United States Marine Corps, Lane Lewis, our office manager, is no stranger to running a tight ship. Though he has traveled the world, Mr. Lewis is excited to call Sardis, Mississippi his new home. Joining Dr. Allen, he will continue working to establish an organized, and comfortable environment at Sardis Family Dental Care for anyone in need of a great smile!


Lane Lewis

Office Manager

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Success Stories

Happy Patients = Happy Doctors

Dr. Allen is a compassionate person with a desire for excellence--if I need dental work today, I would not hesitate to call Sammy for an appointment.

-B. Myers

Dr. Allen and her staff are some amazing people, very respectful of others and very organized. They treated me so well...if you are in need of dental work Sardis Family dental is the place to go!

-J.R. Pippin

Dr. Allen made me feel so comfortable from our first visit, and took the time to explain the procedures clearly. She did an amazing job with my smile. Highly recommended!

-B. Marteinsson

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