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Dental cleanings are the first line of defense for healthy teeth. These regularly-scheduled appointments are an essential preventative measure that removes tartar that can cause gum disease and tooth breakdown.

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Using a variety of materials, fillings repair cavities or other lightly damaged parts of the tooth. This procedure is a quick and efficient way of getting your dental health back on track. Taking a proactive approach can help prevent bigger tooth problems down the line.

Tooth Exam
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Although pearly whites are not an essential part of oral health, they can still have an added benefit to self-esteem and overall aesthetic well-being. If you're looking to brighten your smile, ask our office about our in-house and take-home treatments.



For some children and adults, the only option to maintain health is to remove unfit teeth. This procedure requires discretion but can lead to a distinct improvement in quality of life.


Crowns and Bridges

For more complicated procedures, crowns and bridges may be required to bring a tooth back to its functional capacity. These procedures involve placing "caps" on top of a tooth to repair fractures, restore large cavities, and replace single missing teeth.

Dentures and Partials

In some cases, teeth cannot be repaired with a simple filling. This is where a partial or full set of dentures come in! Dentures combine the best of science and art as a customizable natural-looking tooth replacement option.

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